Hi there, and welcome to my internet abode. I’m so happy you’re here!

If you’re a savvy and adventurous woman who wants to create a healthy lifestyle (that you can actually enjoy) so you can live life to the fullest and experience it as the grand adventure that it is, then you, my friend, are in the right place! Because . . . me too!

And that’s why I’m here . . . to share inspiration and practical tips to help you navigate your wellness journey and live your adventure.

Because if you’re like me, you want your journey to be less “status quo” and more “status WHOA!”

Plus, being the savvy women that we are, you and I know life is too short to be obsessed with counting calories or sporting a “six-pack” or fitting into skinny jeans.

We’d rather be obsessed with taking care of our whole selves in a way that gives us the energy, focus, and inner strength to lead the amazing adventure of a life that we want and deserve! (And that doesn’t mean we can’t look good doing it — because we most certainly can and do! 😉

To me, wellness is a journey that is unique to each of us. It’s about nourishing your whole Self (body, mind, and spirit) so that you have the energy to lead a purposeful and productive life, pursue your dreams and live your adventure.

It’s about aligning all the areas of your life with the values and ideals that make you happy, fulfilled and inspired.

And it’s about having the courage to leave behind the things that don’t serve you and follow your own path, no matter how unconventional or crazy it may seem to others.

Wellness is also about striking a balance between healthy habits and practices and still enjoying the less-healthy things you love in moderation. It shouldn’t be all deprivation and struggle.

I’m not saying it’s always easy by any means, but being healthy and living well can be a positive journey that’s nourishing and . . . dare I say it . . .  fun. My goal here is to help you discover your positive, fun, and empowering wellness journey.

On safari in South Africa during our honeymoon!

Now that you know my wellness philosophy and why I’m here, here’s a little more about me . . .

I’m a certified wellness coach and hold two coaching certifications (Mayo School of Public Health and Institute for Integrative Nutrition) plus a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia.  

This blog and my wellness coaching practice are my passion project + side hustle while I pursue my dream of working my way out of my full-time job and into my business full-time. While I’m fortunate to work for an incredible humanitarian organization that does amazing work, my role there isn’t aligned with my strengths and doesn’t leave me feeling excited or fulfilled. Know the feeling?

Posing with Josie and Pinot, who were not happy that I made them stop playing so we could take this photo.

So, I know a thing or two about how being out of alignment in one area of your life can affect your overall wellness and wellbeing. And just like you, I’m tired of settling for less than what I truly want my life to be.

When I first became certified as a wellness coach (and personal trainer prior to that), my focus was largely on helping people lose weight — because I was told that’s what you have to do to “make it” in this industry. Eventually I focused on helping brides lose weight and get in shape for their weddings (if you go back to my earlier blog posts, you’ll see they’re very bride- and weight loss-focused).

But deep down I knew this just wasn’t my calling and wasn’t aligned with what I’m passionate about, and I suspect it showed.

Being at a healthy weight is certainly an important part of wellness, but there’s so much more to wellness that I want to share and explore with you.

After some serious soul searching, I decided to shift my focus to what I’m really passionate about, and now here I am!

I knew there had to be other women out there like me who are on a mission to be the healthiest + best version of themselves — not just to look good (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but also because they have an awesome adventure to live and they need to bring their A-game for it.

If that’s you (and I’m guessing it is since you’re still with me), I’m so glad we found each other!

It’s time to choose our own adventure!

On the personal side . . . I’m a small-town girl from rural Georgia, currently living in Dallas, Texas. I share my life adventure with my husband plus Josie and Pinot — our two adorable kittens we recently adopted from a local rescue organization (Dallas Pets Alive!). I love animals more than anything, but good food is admittedly a close second! Travel, tea, music of all kinds, the mountains, books, farmers markets and nature are also high on my list of favorite things.  And biscuits and gravy (you can take the girl out of the South . . . 😉

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