I’m so glad you’re here! If you’re like me, you have big goals, dreams and adventures to pursue.

And that requires feeling and being your best, having abundant physical and mental energy, a positive outlook and a strong spirit.

As a wellness coach and fellow life adventurer, it’s my goal to help you weave more wellness into your life so you can have all this and more, and to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a struggle, because wellness should feel good and be fun!

So make yourself a cup of tea (or bevvie of choice), cozy up in your favorite pajamas, and keep reading below to explore all things wellness with me, like . . . clean eating, healthy traveling, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying grounded, keeping your stress in check, and making self-care a priority.

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Wellness Tips & Inspiration

Travel Guide:  Exploring Beijing!

Travel Guide: Exploring Beijing!

We’ve just returned from an awesome trip to Beijing, China, where we celebrated our one-year anniversary! It was my first time in China, and the first time in Beijing for both of us. Going to China had special significance for me because my husband is Chinese, so I...

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Why we lose motivation (and how to get it back)

Why we lose motivation (and how to get it back)

Have you ever had trouble getting motivated (even to do something you actually enjoy doing)? If so, then I think you’ll be able to relate to this (and find some helpful tips for getting and staying motivated). Today I went on my first legit trail run in three years!...

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Hi there! I’m Valerie, a wellness coach for inspired women who know there’s so much more to health & life than just fitting into skinny jeans. Join me here for inspiration & practical tips to help you navigate your wellness journey and live your adventure. MORE ABOUT ME>>


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