If you’re ready to embark on the next leg of your wellness journey, but you . . .

  • Aren’t sure where to start
  • Currently feel stuck
  • Have trouble “sticking with it” when you try to make changes to your lifestyle, or
  • Would like some guidance, support and encouragement along the way

. . . then you might want to consider wellness coaching.

But first, what is wellness?

There are a zillion different definitions for wellness, but here’s a really simple one that I love and that guides me in my life and my work as a coach:

“Wellness is the realization of our true potential to live a healthier, happier and more successful existence.” (wellness.com)

What is wellness coaching?

Here’s how I think of wellness coaching . . .

If life coaching and health coaching had a baby, it would be wellness coaching.

A wellness coach uses a client-centered, whole-person approach to help you make positive and lasting changes in your life to improve your overall wellness and wellbeing (i.e., a healthier, happier and more successful existence). These changes might be very health-specific or they may be related to other aspects of your wellbeing, like being happier in your work or finding your soulmate.

Every person has to find the wellness path that works for them. The one that feels good for your body, spirit, and lifestyle. The one that feels like you’re rewarding yourself when you follow it and not punishing yourself. Because if it feels like a chore or a struggle, you’ll never be able to sustain it.

My job as your wellness coach is to help you find that path and live it.


Here’s a snapshot of what it would look like if we worked together. . .

One of the first things we’d do is create your wellness vision — where you want your journey to take you. This vision is what you’re ultimately working toward in order to live a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life. Kind of like the X on your treasure map!

Then we’d take a good look at all of your amazing strengths and talents that you can call on to help you on your journey toward your wellness vision.

I’ll also help you identify areas where you want to learn, grow and improve along the way.

From there, we’ll map out your journey by creating goals to guide you in the direction of your ultimate destination.

Together, we’ll figure out the steps you can take to reach your goals.

We’ll also identify any obstacles or challenges that you might encounter along the way, and I’ll help you develop strategies for avoiding or overcoming them.

Think of me as your wellness travel guide. I’ll be by your side along your journey to provide the support, guidance, information, and encouragement you need. If you slip, I’ll be there to help dust you off, get you back on your feet, and moving forward again.

If that sounds good, here’s how we can work together . . .

It all starts with a Discovery Session. This is a complimentary 30-minute private session with me, conducted by phone or Skype. In this session we’ll talk about your wellness goals and what you hope to achieve from wellness coaching.

Wellness coaching is a really personal thing, so this gives you a chance to test the waters and make sure I’m a good fit for you before diving in.

There is no charge for this session and you aren’t in any way obligated to work with me afterward. If for any reason you think I’m not the right fit for you, that’s okay! What’s most important to me is that you feel comfortable with the coach you choose. And if I feel I’m not able to help you with your specific goals, I’ll tell you and do my best to refer you to someone who I think will be better able to help you.

Another thing . . . this session isn’t about making a sales pitch or pressuring you to sign up for coaching with me. Yes, I’ll ask if you want to move forward with coaching and I’ll let you know what your options are, but that’s it! So now that that’s out of the way, you can come to the session relaxed and not dreading “the hard sell.”

Once your session is scheduled, please complete this questionnaire telling me a little more about you and your wellness goals. This will help me be prepared so that we can make the most of our time together.

Coaching Packages

3 Month Package ….. $299

Three months is usually just the right amount of time to create your vision, develop your plan, implement habits and changes to your lifestyle, and start seeing results.

  • Includes:
    • 12 weekly coaching sessions (30 minutes each)
    • Text support (via WhatsApp) in between sessions (Monday through Saturday)
    • Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, based on your preference (or they can be done in person if you’re in Dallas)

New! Coaching via Email….$49/month

*This is a new approach I’m currently beta-testing, so I’m offering it at a super low rate for people willing to test this method with me and provide feedback to help me perfect it.

How it works: It may evolve over time based on feedback from you and my other email coaching clients, but it currently includes 4 weekly email coaching sessions each month. As a bonus, I’m also including support in between sessions via WhatsApp.

If you have questions about coaching, I’m just an email away! Contact me here or you can email me directly at valwongwellness@outlook.com I’m usually able to get back to you within 24 hours.


I would recommend Valerie to anyone who is looking for a fresh start and ready to make your dreams a reality.  If you are looking for something life-changing, this is it!

Priscilla J., Lawrenceville, GA

Your workout program has done more for me in 2 weeks than 2 years at my gym!

Angela D., Austin, TX

I participated in Valerie’s clean eating challenge while getting ready for my wedding — the results were fantastic!  I was less tired, had a healthier glow to my hair and skin, no longer felt bloated, and just felt better overall.  One of the best things about working with Valerie was her consistent support throughout the challenge. I’m looking forward to building on what we did in the challenge and continuing with a healthy eating plan!

Lynne Jones, United Kingdom

Valerie’s knowledge and experience in the health field are far-reaching.  Every time I talk to her I learn something new about my body and how it works.

Laura Lee Green, Phoenix, AZ

I have had great success in improving my health and fitness, thanks to Valerie.  I’m excited to see the continued progress and unknown possibility.

Dr. Jeanne Martin, MD, Athens, GA

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